Queen For A Day? Queens Everyday ;)

This year at Viva La Vintage, Miss Absolutely Alice and her tribe are all about QUEENS..

We want to spread the word that 2021 is the year that our community will be owning their throne.. Home throne, work throne, life throne and the most important SELF LOVE THRONE!!!!

That is right ladies.. And our gents too!! The way you feel about yourself sets the precedent of how things pan out..

If you are low in self awareness and esteem, then when life throws its curveballs at you, as it does to us all, these times will be exceptionally heavy on the soul and on your mental health.. Solutions are not easily found and our outlook on things becomes bleak.. Hazy mind, grief, loss, dark sads, anxiety and depression affects us differently, it is a harder path when we do not love who we are, as we see no light in ourselves.. It is a terrible time as it is, but with no esteem, much much harder..

I am a strong individual, often seeing lessons in painful experiences, wanting to live better over bitter and break a cycle that my family has battled for many many generations.. I have worked hard and had an amazing tribe to help support me in my dark times and I in theirs..

There are people who do not have this network and they do not visualise and view things in a bright manner.. They are not as strong, they have not had someone hand them a light, they have suffered alone and faced pains by themselves.. We see a high rate of suicide in our nations and loss of hope as the world spins in way that we have never experienced before.. Now is the time that people need each other the most and there is rife segregation.. This must change.. And that is our Viva mission this year and for how ever long it takes..

We are pioneering a Revolution.. A community of people who dream a similar vision and have a mission to complete!! Every single one of these individuals creating this movement have all faced horrific times and have healed and recovered by way of self esteem and support.. By seeing their value, by being encouraged to own their story and to tell it so it can help another.. Every single person owning their throne.. Knowing their worth and now chasing and catching dreams..

We are launching the "Own Your Throne" theme at Rock Ballarat this February 2021.. Starting with our workshops and with our private shoots..

We know that spending time with our Viva family, will have you seeing your inner Queen too.. She is sitting right there next to your Bombshell <3

And she is dying to rise above xxxx

And in the words of Miss Absolutely Alice - "Be Bold xx Be Brave xx Be Brilliant" xx

I adore you my Wonderlanders and Vivaetttes xx

You give me reason to wake up everyday and shine, shine, shine <3

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