Have You Seen Our Most Fabulous Logo???

We here at Viva La Vintage would like to bring to your attention the awesomeness that is Miss Cherry Martini :)

Miss Cherry is not only the designer of our sensational logo seen here and everywhere on our site, pages, posters & photos!! But she is also the designer of the greatest shirts, bags, colour books, bedding sets, cushions and shower curtains (just to name a few) that you have ever seen!!

From punk princesses to pin up perfection, Miss Cherry can do it all!! She is a Low Brow artist/model and can provide you with all of the following!! See TALENT!!!!!

~ Logos ~ Paintings ~ Posters (Artwork & Layout) ~ Flyers (Artwork & Layout) ~ Cd Covers ~ T Shirt Designs ~ Portraits (Wanna be a Monster High Character? Etc) ~ Business Cards (Artwork & Layout) ~ Pin Up (Need some clothes or assessories modeled?) ~ Photoshop (I can touch up those photos for you! Make you pretty ♥ ) ~ Pet Portraits (Pencil, Completely Photo realistic!) ~ Baby Shower Invites! (Something alternative and different! Rock it!) ~ Wedding Invites! (Are you having a Pinup/Gothic/Circus etc Wedding? ) ~ Layouts ~ Toy modifications (Have a dolly you want to tattoo and trash up? ) ~ Party Invites! ~ And much much more......

Check out the MISS CHERRY MARTINI PRICE LIST ♥... How absolutely affordable :) Logo Designs: $$300+ ♥ WITH ANY LOGO DESIGN: Fb Banners: $20 Business Card Layouts $30 Profile Picture Packages: $20 More Prices: Pattern Packages: $300 T'Shirt Designs: $250+ Tattoo Designs: $50+ Pet Portraits: $150+ People/Kids Portraits: $150+ She also offers you the chance to review your design in line work and flat colour for approval before she finishes with detail and final touches. ♥... Customer service plus in our eyes.. All Illustrations created By Miss Cherry Martini are yours to use exclusively upon payment. Miss Cherry Martini asks for full rights to use all her designs for portfolio, self advertise purposes and art books. so she will be advertising and promoting you each time she uses your design!!! BONUS...

Our experience with Miss Cherry was nothing but heavenly... I described what was in my head and she created it to perfection!! Her communication skills, impeccable!! Her promptness in having the job finished, just amazing.. Especially when you see the finished product!! You just know she has put her heart and soul into it.. DOUBLE BONUS!!!

We will definately be using Miss Cherry again... As we want to see Little Miss Viva in all sorts of seasonal styles!! So keep your eyes peeled for for mind blowing moments with Miss Cherry Martini...

Looking for the perfect logo?? Perhaps some styling new shirts?? A new bedroom set?? Then look no further.. Check out Miss Cherry at http://society6.com/misscherrymartini or find her on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MissCherryMartinifanpage

I mean, look at this stuff!!! Simply Simply Fantabulous!!! Go on... Do yourself a favour!!

We <3 You Miss Cherry xo

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